Iraq, Allah and the Goddess

The daily news from Iraq fills me with great sadness. — Yes, it fills me with horror, anguish and rage, too; but above all I feel sadness. How can people, human beings, that is, who all believe in God, who all belong to religions that honor the value of human life above all else, be so indifferent to other humans to slaughter them out of sheer contempt for their different beliefs, their different live styles, their different ways to pursue happiness?

God is Goddess is Allah is God! Whatever picture or non-picture of a Supreme Being we have in mind, whatever name or names we give Her, does not matter. How can we dare to claim even the slightest understanding of Her ways. Anyway, I personally believe that there is exactly one Supreme Being which encompasses all properties intelligent beings across the universe have ever attributed to their Gods, Goddesses and Spirits. Thus for me, all dispute about the right way to God (or Whatever) is irrelevant. What is really important is the way we treat other human beings, particularly when they are in distress.

So I pray for those that, in their unbounded blindness and delusion of righteousness, deem themselves entitled to judge over other people’s lives, solely because these have different ways to praise the miracle of our existence. May the Goddess have mercy with their souls and guide them to awareness of their aberrance and delusion!

It goes without saying that I also pray for all those people who suffer from severe animosity towards their religion, their culture, their way of life. People who are threatened with torture, rape and death simply for being who they are. May the Goddess grant them survival, health and peace!



Deine Meinung ist mir wichtig / Your opinion matters to me

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