Do I Consider Myself a Christian?

Sometimes in this blog I use the name “God”, and it may seem like I refer to the Christian God known from The Bible.

Don’t be fooled by your assumptions!

To me, “God” is just one possible designation for the supreme spirit, the creational force of our universe. Another one I frequently use is “Goddess”. I even prefer the latter, as I sense deep inside that the creational force of this universe is female. Although I admit, this is certainly a very human point of view.

This universe may well be populated by uncountable numbers of sentient species, most of them presumably so alien, we wouldn’t recognize their existence, even if they stood directly in front of us. How much less would we be able to understand their concepts of religion and faith. Still, to them the same question arises: Who or what enabled their existence, and the existence of this universe. Eventually, they will conceive the existence of some equivalent of what Christians call “God”, what Muslims call “Allah”, what here on earth is called thousands of names by thousands of different cultures.

I have been raised in an inherently Christian society, but I have never been particularly religious. I learned about the Bible, the life of Jesus of Nazareth. And I became a great admirer of this brave man and his imperturbable faith in God, whom he called his Father.
But I also learned, that generations of people tried to use his life and his ordeal for their own purpose. They use it to segregate those who have different beliefs, they use it to back their own power and they even use it to discriminate against women and queer people. In his name people are killed and even complete peoples have been extinguished.

Yes, I believe in God/Goddess, I admire Jesus of Nazareth (and Mary of Magdala, for that matter), I even understand the fundamental significance of death and resurrection (celebrated in the services of Good Friday and the Easter Vigil), symbolising deepest sorrow and greatest joy in the life of each human being. And it is my profound conviction that adhering to the fundamental Christian ethics is of paramount importance.

But I don’t believe in the intricacies of theological discourse, I don’t believe in the literal resurrection of Jesus, I don’t believe in the virginity of Mary, I don’t believe in the inferiority of women, I don’t believe in the original sin and I don’t believe in the sinfulness of sexuality. And, above all, I don’t believe in any church (or other organisation) that uses the name of God to sanctify political agendas.

So no, I don’t consider myself a Christian.


Deine Meinung ist mir wichtig / Your opinion matters to me

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