This is a list of the music I like to listen to. It has no particular order. Although, when I think of it, the order is the sequence in which it came to my mind, so it probably reflects the level of appreciation I show towards the individual artists and their music, at least for those I have already known for a long time.

Look for the music on Spotify, ITunes or your favorite shop or streaming service and enjoy!

Indigo Girls

CD cover of Strange Fire from Indigo Girls

Carrie Newcomer

Image of Carrie Newcomer

Dar Williams

Image of Dar Williams

Ani DiFranco

Image of Ani DiFranco


Image of Beoga

Ola Gjeilo

Image of Ola Gjeilo


Image of Anúna

Claudio Monteverdi

Image of Claudio Monteverdi


Deine Meinung ist mir wichtig / Your opinion matters to me

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